Michka Saäl


2019, documentary, 82 minutes, French with English subtitles

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A journey in and around Montreal that takes us from the detail of an icon painter to the massive feather dress of a Queen of the Night to the alleys at dawn in search of precious throwaways. Where we invent our lives...



Written, directed and produced by Michka Saäl


Image: Sylvestre Guidi

Sound recording: Pierre Bertrand, Louis Léger

Sound design: Catherine Van Der Donckt

Editor: Xi Feng

Delegated producer: Mark Foss


Produced with support from Aide au Cinéma Indépendant (National Film Board of Canada).

With Michel Bourassa, Daniel Guidi, Isabelle Parent and Victor Junior Roberge.

Mark Foss would like to thank everyone who helped make this film possible. In particular, he would like to acknowledge the following people whose financial contributions earned them a place in the credits:

Judith Abitbol

Anne Aghion

Josée Beaudet

Felix Amit Bellicha

Pascale Bilodeau

Simone Birger

Marion Blanchard

Audrey & Manon Blouin

Marie Brodeur

Guilhem Brouillet

Amandine Brun

Jamieson Campbell & Sangeeta Dhawan

Centre d’apprentissage parallèle


Deborah Chapman & Carl Bertoia

Beaté Coudurier

Michel Croisetière & André Chassé

Véronique Dassass

Patricia de Villers

Thierry Delor

Nathalie Derome

Denise Deutch

Michael Dickie & Deborah Middlemiss

Martin Duckworth

Équipe Montréal

Carole Farley

Scott Farley

Xi Feng

Carlos Ferrand & Catherine Van Der Donckt

Simone & Bobby Few

Lucas Foss & Elizabeth Neil

Thierry Garrel

Jean-François Giroux

Mp Grenier

Tao Gu

Louise Guénette

Monica Haim & Yves Deschamps

Guy Hakim

Xiaoxiao & Zhou Han

Mike Hopper

Annie Jean

Klepp klepp

Lihong Kong

Danièle Koskas

Marc Laporte & Carole Simard

Dominique Lardet

Gilles et Odile Lejosne Guigon

Anita Leroy Vilfrid

Sylvain L’Espérance

Guylaine L’Heureux

Warwick Long

Nadine Ltaif

Wendy MacIntyre

Guy Marin

Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier

Lucie Masliah

David Mulholland

Margie & Peter Mulvihill

Lorraine & Dan Nolan

Jadis Norman

Jelena Popović

André Scialom

Dominique Sicotte

Linda Soucy

Françoise Spiri

Mary Stephen

Natasha Turovsky

Patricia Weibel

Andrew Wild

Aonan Yang

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After shooting films in Sweden, France and China, Michka Saäl had conceived this film as a “re-entry” into Quebec, and particularly, Montreal. She shot the film in 2013, completing editing in 2014. Before she could seek funding for post-production, other projects came to fruition — Spoon, A Great Day in Paris and New Memories. Following her death in 2017, with support from the National Film Board’s program for independent filmmakers (ACIC) and a crowdfunding campaign, Mavericks (formerly The Adventurers) was to be completed in early 2019.